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OASIS is Pearson’s free online self-help website that is available 24/7 to place & track orders, track credits, check price & availability, check access codes, look up product information, request documents, file claims, generate reports and more!

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  • Search by ISBN only or with optional search criteria such as Title Keywords, Author and Edition number.
  • Use Filters to narrow down your results.
  • Easily add items to the Cart when placing an order.
  • Click on the title link on any page to view product details. Any time a title is displayed in OASIS, it is a link to its “Title Summary” page. Information on this page can include:
    • Cover Art
    • Author
    • Price & Discount
    • Edition
    • Product Type
    • Product Status
    • Copyright
    • Carton Quantity
    • New Edition flag
    • Additional information provided (if available for the item):
      Overview/Product Features/Table of Contents/What’s New
      Supplements/Alternate Editions/Value Packs/Components
  • Quick Order – Enter up to 25 ISBNs/quantities at a time before adding them to the Cart.
  • Multi-ISBN Upload (single order) – Upload a CSV file with multiple ISBNs/Qtys to expedite your data entry.
  • Multi-Order Upload – Do you drop-ship to multiple customers? Enter all the orders on a spreadsheet template (provided), upload the file and place these separate orders at one time.
  • Shopping Lists – Once an item is added to the Cart, it can be saved as a “Shopping Lists” to be used later.
  • Review all of your orders placed within the last 36 months.
  • Check status and track shipments using a variety of search options.
  • Link to carrier websites for the latest tracking information.
  • Review all credits/debits that have been issued to your account within the last 36 months.

Shipping and Billing issues such as these can be reported on OASIS anytime:

  • Damaged / Defective
  • Shortage / Overage
  • Price/Discount
  • Sales Tax
  • Duplicate order
  • Transportation
  • Run reports for Product Information that are based on your Purchase History such as New Editions and Supplements.
  • Run reports for Order Information such as Unshipped and Order Status.
  • Reports can be customized to return specific info that meets your needs.
  • Save customized reports to run again in the future.
Invoices, Credit Memos, PODs & Statements
  • Enter a Purchase Order # or Order # and receive all associated invoices and/or Proof of Deliveries.
    (PODs are for UPS and FedEx shipments only)
  • Enter an Invoice, Credit or Debit Memo # and receive that specific document.
  • Search for documents by date range. In the results list, click the document # to open on-screen to review, print or save.
  • Billing accounts can request Statement copies.
  • Check the status of an Access Code (not activated, activated, expired)
  • View activation dates
  • Check the status of codes that have multiple redemptions (example: a single code that can be redeemed 100 times)
  • Request code deactivation (these requests are sent to Technical Support. You will receive an email notification when it is done)
  • Links directly to the “Find your rep” page
(link at the top)

Update this information on your OASIS registration:

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  • Name
  • User ID
  • Password